Angela’s Welcome


Welcome to my podcast.  The songs of Kate Bush have inspired me since I was in my late teens.  But it wasn’t an easy journey.  The first time I heard ‘Wuthering Heights’, I marveled at the melody, but I thought the song was in Chinese.  The high pitch and lilting notes were more reminiscent of Indian and Chinese music than anything I’d heard on Western pop charts.  Later, when I bought Kate’s greatest hits collection, ‘The Whole Story’, I was very disappointed.  Hoping for more like Wuthering Heights, instead I got different, different and more different.  Complicated lyrics, dense productions, an absence of hooks, unfamiliar instrumentation.  I just couldn’t relate.

Nevertheless, I left the cd playing in the background while I studied for my undergraduate subjects.  At first the songs blended together, but after repeat, repeat and repeat, they started to separate out, into distinct personalities.  Each had a story, I realised.  A meaning, a perspective. And within each song, other dynamics, emotions, meanings.  Like a flower to the sun, each opened up to me, and I felt proud of myself for the effort, for understanding. For recognising the characters – ‘Oh this one is about an actor on the stage!’,  – ‘This one is something to do with a father’s love!’

And over the years, the songs have continued to reveal more on every listen.  As I have gotten older, and experienced more, they have seemed different.  Like acquaintances, other songs have come and gone, but Kate’s songs remain and never diminish for me.  For me, it took time and patience for me to really appreciate Kate’s music and I know that I am not alone.  There are many many others like me.  However, there are also many who still find her songs too opaque, too complicated or foreign to explore.  So, that is why I started the podcast.  I wanted to convey, for those people, the sheer variety of Kate’s music and to offer the smallest introduction to each song.  My hope is that it may provide just the right impetus for some, to start their own Kate Bush journey.



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