Episode 7: Kate Bush songs about womanhood.


Kate Bush’s music has inspired me since I discovered it at twenty and perhaps this is in part because it demonstrates that women can ‘contain multitudes’ (to paraphrase Walt Whitman).  Cerebral, imaginative, poetical, her work is full of feeling, but also intellectual.  This was, and is still, a departure from what is expected of female pop musicians.  So different from the musicians who had come before, so unabashedly herself and so clear-headed in her creative vision, it is no surprise that Kate Bush has been a huge inspiration to female artists (and male artists too!)

As we have discussed in previous episodes, Kate is not one to involve herself in public political discussion  She is not inclined to speak politically about herself ‘as a female’ or discuss females in music generally.  Yet, in a few interviews and songs, Kate has revealed her own thoughts about womanhood and about experiences which are unique to women.  In this episode, we will discuss these songs, which range from The Kick Inside album to The Aerial album and reflect on some of the changes of perspective which Kate appears to have gone through, as she has matured and lived.


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