Episode 5: Kate Bush songs about sexual love


Kate doesn’t shy away from singing about the most intimate subject matter; eros, passion, and sexual love. But she has a way of discussing sex which is unusual in our modern music world. This isn’t sex as power or objectification. This is sex as passion, connection and joy.  In this episode, we hear songs about sex in many forms, from youthful passion, to mature lust, to how it can be just plain funny. 🙂

You can download the sound file at www.katebushradioshow.podomatic.com

Licenses with APRA pending



3 thoughts on “Episode 5: Kate Bush songs about sexual love

  1. Thank you Angela, Another great episode. I’m glad that you haven’t shortened your format, I do so enjoy your insights, and am always up to hearing Misty. Keep up the great work.

    my dented van

  2. (Posted a comment elsewhere but not sure if it registered so I’ll try to repeat the gist of it here).

    Found your Episode 5 evocative, pleasurable, and very well paced; certainly enjoyed the insights presented in your conversational, low-key style.

    Particularly enjoyed ‘Misty’ which I had not previously heard. I see and feel other dimensions to ‘Misty’ … the post-coital disconnect after ‘our one and only tryst’, the cold, aloofness of a one-night stand, the longing for ‘The One’ .. he (she) must be somewhere .. but he’s slipping away ‘open window closing’. How fleeting and evasive real connection can be. But not (hopefully) if we’re willing to go ‘out on the ledge’.

    Also enjoyed the uileann pipes on ‘Sexual Healing’. Sure, that’s not Kate, at least not directly, but the pipes’ tone is certainly inspired by the lyrics and by her sensual take on them. Have never heard uileann pipes, which usually sound so plaintive and haunt the very marrow of my bones, sound so positively sensual and warm.

    Far too often we listen so carelessly to music and songs (and to so much else in our lives). Thank you for slowing it down, for helping us to reconnect with the earthy and ethereal Kate and her Muse, the Muse that is within and around all of us. If we’d only ‘Let It Be’.

    Liath Macha

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