Hello – note from Angela

Hello listeners,

I thought I’d let you know that I’ve decided to shorten the podcasts somewhat.  I’ve realised that the first three podcasts are probably much too long.  So, the podcast on existential and philosophical themes is shorter than the others I’ve done.  I’ll be going back and re-editing the first three (literature, history and childhood) so that they are more listener friendly.  I know that very few people will want to hear me rattle on for so long!!

Ang 🙂



5 thoughts on “Hello – note from Angela

  1. I love all of it Ang – been sharing with others too. Your investigation of the background of the songs and even of the elements that have inspired the songs too really help me understand and appreciate Ms. Bush’s work. Really really great work. You should send links to her! xx M

  2. Angela, I love your show. Your sweet voice, insights, song and theme choices are perfect. I’m learning quite a bit, and I’ve been a Kate fan since 85′. Please, keep it up.

    my dented van

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