Episode 2: Kate Bush songs inspired by historical figures

Welcome to this episode of the Kate Bush radio show.  Join me as we discuss her song about the British classical composer Frederick Delius, and the fascinating true story behind her song Houdini, exploring life after death.  Kate also invites us into the worlds of Joan of Arc and Elvis Presley.

(Download the sound file of the episode from here: http://katebushradioshow.podomatic.com/)

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4 thoughts on “Episode 2: Kate Bush songs inspired by historical figures

  1. When I first discovered that a lot of Kate Bush’s songs are based on novels, films, and historical figures, it was fun to sort of go through and see what each song was about. ‘Ah, this one is based on The Innocents’ or ‘This song if from the perspective of Houdini’s widow’

    And she still does it on her latest album! Fortunately it wasn’t some phase a young songwriter may go through. It’s just how her creativity works.

    She would have made a great novelist or playwright.

    • Hi again Trevor 🙂
      Yes I’m sure Kate would have made a great novelist or playwright. I sense that she is really inspired by the mysterious minds, hearts and well, lives of people – a valuable attribute for both of those arts. Having said that, Kate is also an expressive performer so perhaps they may have been a little too ‘behind the scenes’ for her.

      She has said in interviews that she was interested in pursuing acting and filmmaking, which she eventually explored in The Red Shoes short film.

      Don’t the songs really unfold once you realise what has inspired them! Its wonderful.

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing podcast. I especially have loved the history of the Delius and Cloudbusting songs.
    I became a fan of Kate’s back in 1983 when I first saw the “Wow” video on an obscure late night tv show. She was somewhat obscure in the SF Bay Area back then. Without internet at that time there were no quick downloads of her music or detailed web pages that would further a fan’s experience. Even records of hers were hard to find. In addition, she didn’t tour.
    When I did complete my collection of course I was hooked. With each listen I have discovered new twists to her creativity. The music never gets old. The songs and even the record sleeves hold a magic, but the references can be obscure.
    This is why I want to thank you for these episodes and for giving a history of the references. Like you say, my experience of her music will be enriched even deeper.
    I can’t believe you got a ticket to see her perform! I hope it’s an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see what the setlists will be.

  3. Bush’s Elvis tribute song “King of the Mountain” i feel the ice may have melted a little around the rosebud, the occult symbol of the door, God’s keeper of the rod/dor Aaron was chosen for his lovely eloquent voice delivery, to help lead out the prisoners from bondage, the name Aaron means Lofty and Mountain. X

    In the Bible the Bush is the location God talks to Mosses from.

    Bush at the Apollo, we have waited along time for the voice from the Bush’s return.

    The King’s final Album was named “The promised Land” released on the King’s 40th Birthday.

    Kate is the mistress of lyrical parables. Walking in the dark Wilderness, just may be, do we have a grace-land -light destination?

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