Welcome to the Kate Bush radio show


My name is Angela.  Welcome to the blog for my podcast, the Kate Bush radio show.  This podcast is all about talking about the songs of Kate Bush.  I want to share with you, my thoughts on her music, and invite you to explore the songs for yourself.  This show is both for people who love Kate’s music already, and people who are seeking an introduction to her songs.  Welcome!




2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Kate Bush radio show

  1. Hello, I haven’t listened to any episodes yet but wanted to tell you right away, thank you for making these podcast episodes. I became a Kate Bush fan 2 months ago and today decided to see if there were any podcasts dedicated to Kate Bush and VOILA! I found yours.

    I see you may have ended your podcast run(perhaps you covered everything you wanted) but I appreciate what you’ve done! Thank you

    • Thanks so much Trevor! I’m glad you found my podcast.:)
      I have several episodes in the works, one almost complete. There is so much in Kate’s work to talk about.
      Its been much longer than intended since my last post – this is a passion project for me and unfortunately life got in the way.
      I hope to post the next one – ‘Kate Bush songs about Social and Political issues’ – in about a week, so please check back in. 🙂


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